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June 2014 Archives

Pets: Property or people in Massachusetts?

Here's an interesting thought that you may not have considered having to face in your Massachusetts divorce: Your dog. Did you know that your dog will not be treated as a child or person but instead as a piece of property to be divided just like a home or vehicle? This article from June 20 discusses how to handle your pet in a family law court.

Berry to pay $16,000 per month in child support

If you're concerned about getting enough child support or having to pay too much child support in Massachusetts, it's wise to consider your options before heading to court. There may be a way to settle on an amount that is fair to your child and yourself without having to get a judge to rule on it.

Griffith and Banderas enter family law court for divorce

Massachusetts-based readers who are fans of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas may have heard about their recent decision to divorce. According to People magazine, this divorce may be worth around $50 million, and the couple also shares a child who has just left high school. Their divorce comes after 18 years of marriage, according to the news.

Divorce legal in at least 19 states for same-sex couples

In Boston, divorce for any kind of married couple has been normal for the last few years. In other states, that hasn't been the case, which is why if you were married in Massachusetts and are struggling with divorce outside the state, you may have to return to get one. That may be changing though. Some people have been excited over recent news that even more states are recognizing homosexual marriages, and this May 22 report discusses the importance of that recognition when it comes to divorce.

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