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November 2013 Archives

Tips for a successful Massachusetts divorce court appearance

In the long term, filing for and obtaining a divorce has many positive effects. For example, it allows people to start a new chapter in their life. Despite the benefits, however, a couple going through a divorce can face contention and stress. However, those familiar with the Massachusetts court process have some suggestions on making a court date go smoothly and ultimately end more successfully.

How does divorce impact Social Security benefits?

There is rarely a former couple who comes through the divorce process without some degree of contention or conflict. While a divorce for a couple married for a short period of time is still be difficult, there may be fewer assets to divide than for those who have been in longer marriages. For example, the long term retirement plans of a couple who have only been married a relatively short period of time may not be severely impacted. Unfortunately for Massachusetts couples who have been married for much longer than that, there are many other financial considerations and implications. It is likely, however, that both spouses are still entitled to Social Security benefits.

State supreme court gives biological mother child custody rights

Many of the laws in Massachusetts were written long ago. As a result, the state, and many others across the country, are trying to catch up with medical advances and changing social narratives. For example, many laws governing child custody were written before it was common for same-sex couples to adopt or have children together. For example, the Supreme Court of one state has recently ruled in favor of the biological mother of a child who donated an egg to her same-sex partner.

A negotiated divorce can speed process in Massachusetts

Many divorced couples can tell about the horror story resulting from bitterness surrounding their divorce. However, states such as Massachusetts are attempting to ease the pain of going through a divorce by allowing alternatives to the traditional divorce fought in a courtroom. One such option is a negotiated divorce.

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