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April 2015 Archives

Get DNA proof to determine your responsibilities to a child

As a potential father of a child, you want to be sure that the child is yours. You can be absolutely certain if you have a DNA test, but if your ex-partner or current partner doesn't want to allow the test, then you may have to get the test ordered by the courts.

Husband to be served divorce papers over Facebook

You know that if you want to seek a divorce, divorce papers must be served. In Massachusetts, it doesn't matter who's fault the divorce is, the paperwork still needs to be signed, and a partner could choose to refuse to do so for a period of time. Is that fair? What if you can't find your ex to serve the paperwork? If this ruling holds, you may be able to use Facebook in the future.

How can I establish my parenthood over my child?

If you've never married to your child's other parent, then you could have dozens of questions about your rights as a parent to your child. Here are some common questions about paternity and how you can acknowledge that you're the father to your newborn, or growing, child.

Support your child with appropriate child support payments

When you think of child support, what do you imagine it is for? If you see the money going toward your child's home, health and happiness, then you understand the very basis of what this money is meant to be used for. During a divorce, determining child support and how much one person should receive or owe can be contentious, but when all is said and done, this money is for the continued welfare of your children.

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