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Testimonials -Family Law Attorney

“Outstanding, Trustworthy, and Extremely Knowledgeable!!!!”

I interviewed many attorneys before deciding to retain Lisa to handle my divorce. I definitely made the right choice. She is aggressive and extremely knowledgeable. She guided me step by step throughout the process and was always available even during the weekends and evenings. My wife hired a lawyer from a big law firm in Boston. She paid a fortune in legal fees and in the end received nothing more than what Lisa had initially offered to settle our divorce. Lisa and her team are knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri to anyone going through a divorce.

-Michael P.

“Great Results in a Short Period of Time”

I made the mistake of hiring another law firm before I hired Lisa. The other firm charged me substantial legal fees yet made no progress in resolving my case. Fortunately, another attorney referred me to Lisa. At our first meeting, I learned more from Lisa than I learned about my case the entire time I was with my prior firm. Lisa knew exactly what had to be done and how to accomplish it. Lisa and her staff were able to achieve results in a very short period of time. I wish I had found the Law Offices of Lisa Ruggieri first! Thank you!

-Tonya P.

“What a Difference!”

The only regret I have about my experience with the Lisa is that I should have hired her sooner. My twenty-one year marriage ended in a contentious divorce after numerous trips to the courthouse. I needed Lisa on my side, advocating for me right from the start. My first attorney did not get anywhere, and it cost me a fortune. I was referred to Lisa after my brother used her for his divorce, and I could not be more satisfied with the results. What a difference! Lisa knew exactly what needed to be done and finally brought closure to my case. Lisa and her staff are truly amazing. What impressed me the most was how organized Lisa and her staff were, and that they worked tirelessly to get the best possible result. I would highly recommend Lisa and her team to anyone going through a divorce, custody battle, or post-divorce issues.

-Lisa D.

“Extremely Dedicated Advocate with a Gift”

Lisa is able to step in, find the facts and do the right thing. She does not allow the stall tactics or nonsense that can plague custody battles. Lisa cuts to the chase, remains on point and keeps the parties on track as well. Her dedication to clients is insurmountable. She is even on point in the spur of the moment. Lisa is an extremely dedicated advocate who fought for me and my son. She truly has a gift like no other! Lisa is an absolute recommendation from me.

-Joelle H.

“A Superb Lawyer!”

Lisa guided me through the divorce process and helped me obtain my desired outcome. Throughout the entire process, she helped make the process as painless as possible. Lisa is truly a super lawyer who will be an asset to anyone that utilizes her knowledge, experience, dedication and abilities!

-Eric E.

“Far Exceeded My Expectations!”

I highly recommend Lisa and her team, including Caitlin, for anyone looking for a high quality legal firm dedicated to providing personal attention and creative solutions. Lisa is extremely responsive and has the ability to make clients feel comfortable in difficult, emotional situations. Throughout the process, I knew I could count on Lisa to represent my best interests. She and her staff far exceeded my expectations!

-Eddie F.

“Perseverance and Personal Commitment”

Lisa is an extremely talented family law attorney with the experience and skills to handle any issue – no matter how challenging or complicated. She thinks outside the box and is tenacious when it comes to fighting for her clients. Thanks to Lisa’s perseverance and personal commitment to me, I was able to sever financial ties with my ex and I have the peace of mind that the result was fair and reasonable. I am grateful to Lisa and her staff for getting me through this process smoothly and efficiently.

– Judith G.

“Exactly Who You Need On Your Side!”

It was a year-long divorce battle primarily over custody and Lisa never backed down from the fight. She fought tirelessly to protect my interests against my ex, who was vindictive, mean-spirited, and unreasonable. Lisa’s hard work and dedication paid off when we finally reached an agreement. My family owes so much to Lisa and her staff for her personal attention and compassionate representation. After watching her in action, Lisa is definitely the lawyer you need on your side!

-Deborah H.

“Someone Who Has Your Back”

Where do I start?!?! Lisa was a phenomenal advocate of mine. From the moment I stepped foot in her office, Lisa took the reins. The overall process itself was complete in less than eight months, saving me time and money so that I could get my life back. I was able to focus on my kids a lot quicker than some of my friends who have gone through divorce. Lisa helped me to get my life back. I cannot image having gone through the process with anyone else. Lisa is tough and she has your back every step of the way.

-Deniz K.

“…Shines in the Courtroom and in Negotiations”

You can count on Lisa to negotiate and advocate for you and be an honest broker in times you need to hear some hard truths. In this regard, Lisa truly shines in the courtroom and negotiation room. Lisa’s no-nonsense style, timely responses, and quick wit makes her an excellent advocate. Moreover, Caitlin’s calm disposition is a wonderful complement to Lisa’s energy and tenacity for a challenge and a win! Hats off to you Lisa and your thriving business! I certainly recommend you to anyone I come across in need of the legal services. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me move on to a brighter future and helping me get there in what I believe was the most efficient way and with the greatest success I could have hoped for!

– Joelle K.

“Extensive Experience!”

Lisa kept me informed every step of the way, she sought my input, she talked me out of bad ideas, she coached me and she showed tremendous empathy. Lisa does not mislead client or oversell – she examines the facts and leverages her extensive experience for the benefit of her clients. You couldn’t ask for a better attorney!

-Amanda P.

“A Great Team”

Lisa Ruggieri and her team were outstanding! I sought a second opinion with Lisa to address my concerns with my prior attorney. During our first consultation, Lisa set out a specific plan and strategy for how she would move forward if she were my attorney. She also set forth realistic expectations and goals. I was extremely impressed with her knowledge, experience, confidence and professionalism. For the first time though the divorce process, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Six months later, I am divorced and extremely happy with the outcome of my case. Lisa is an excellent attorney and has a great team. I would highly recommend her services.

-Cynthia Z.

“Exactly What I’d Hoped For”

Divorce is one of the toughest experiences that you encounter in life. Lisa does an incredible job handling the emotional and legal aspects of divorce. She and her staff treat you like a person-not just a client. Lisa worked extremely hard for me to reach an amicable resolution. I have heard horror divorce stories from friends and colleagues about how they felt like their attorneys only cared about the legal aspects without acknowledging the emotional toll a divorce has on everyone involved. That’s what separates Lisa from other attorneys and what I appreciate the most about her. She understands that divorce is emotional and stressful and cares about how it impacts your personal life. Lisa and her firm work diligently to insure clients have options and input in the process. I highly recommend using the Law Offices of Lisa Ruggieri for any family matter.

-Jay D.

“Great Divorce Lawyer Who Become a Good Friend”

Lisa represented me in my divorce. After twenty-five years of marriage, I needed a fresh start. Lisa and I worked together to come up with a fair proposal. Even though my Wife agreed to everything we proposed, her lawyer did not. Lisa made sure the Judge heard our side and had an agreement drafted in advance. Thanks to Lisa, I was able to move on with my life in an efficient, timely manner. Life has never been better thanks to Lisa!

-Mitchell P.

“Learn from My Mistake – Stop Wasting Money on a Big Firm”

I am recently divorced thanks to the Law Offices of Lisa Ruggieri. I hired Lisa after I spent months wasting time and money on counsel at a big Boston firm. Unfortunately, I was spending thousands of dollars and not receiving a results. I was referred to Lisa from a friend. What a relief! Lisa was outstanding. After just two weeks with Lisa, my support order was modified and I was awarded shared legal custody of my children. Lisa is focused, aggressive and a skilled negotiator. She was extremely attentive to my needs and available 24/7 to answer my questions and answer any issues of concern. I really wish I had hired her from the start. She made a huge difference. I would highly recommend Lisa and her team for anyone in need of a divorce attorney!

-Sam C.

“Attentive to Your Individual Needs”

My divorce attorney, Lisa Ruggieri, was outstanding! She guided me through the divorce process step by step. I interviewed half a dozen other attorneys before I hired Lisa. Unlike other attorneys, Lisa was direct and set clear expectations. Lisa truly cares about her clients and is attentive to their individual needs. Her experience and skills in negotiation both in meetings and in the court room were top-notch! I couldn’t have picked a better attorney. I have recommended Lisa Ruggieri to my family, my friends and anyone seeking a divorce/ family law attorney.

-Tom B.

“Very Satisfied Client”

Lisa is a straight-shooter. Lisa works harder than anyone I have ever met, and she treated me like I was the most important person in the world. Lisa is available 24/7 for any questions or just to talk. My divorce was very complicated, with multiple properties, businesses, and types of assets as well as young children. Lisa told me on Day One that “no one wins in a divorce.” While she was right, in many respects, I do feel like “I won.” Lisa worked tirelessly and fairly to achieve a settlement that was consistent with what I was hoping to achieve from the outset and she achieved this result in less than nine months from start to finish! While there may be law firms with bigger names and more expensive real estate, I could not imagine using another lawyer other than Lisa. I owe Lisa a tremendous amount and am forever grateful for how she helped me.

-Edward E.

“Trusted Counsel and Advocate”

Lisa represented me in a messy divorce. She was my third attorney on the case, and I hired her because I knew she could achieve results efficiently and fairly. It turns out that I saved the best for last. She took over my case and the whole game changed. My spouse went from going after my business and family assets to begging to settle. Lisa was always there for me (nights, weekends, emails, texts and calls). Even during holidays, Lisa and her staff checked in one me and answered my questions. My ex-wife spent five times as much as I did on attorney fees and lost. Lisa saved my business. She is an incredible attorney and a great person. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri.

– Brandon B.


Lisa is an exceptional attorney! She fought for was I needed and made the divorce as painless as possible. She was a joy to work with through a difficult time. I was not sure what to expect after filing for divorce, but Lisa made the process seem effortless and I am thrilled with the result. Thank you, Lisa!

-Tim C.

“Absolutely Recommend Lisa”

I absolutely recommend Attorney Lisa Ruggieri for all your family law needs. Lisa is an expert in her field who consistently obtains positive results for her clients. When my ex tried to keep me from seeing our children, Lisa zealously advocated for me and invalidated all of my Wife’s lies and misrepresentations. Moving forward, if I ever have another legal problem, she will be the first person I contact. In my opinion, Lisa’s firm is the best you will find, and you should definitely call Lisa if you have any issues relative to custody, divorce and family law matters!

-Kyle D.

“Look No Further”

Lisa represented me in a divorce. I am the father of three children. Throughout my marriage, I worked part-time to help care for the kids. In what I consider to be a gender reversal from the norm, I was awarded alimony thanks to Lisa’s help. She knew the law, developed a strategy, kept me informed, and was available to address my concerns after hours and on weekends. Lisa will tell you if she is right for your case. If she is, you should hire her. She walks the walk.

-Richard M.

“Thank You With All My Heart!”

I contacted Lisa when I was served papers unexpectedly from my Husband. From the start, I felt that Lisa was there to look out for my best interests. She proved to be a trusted advisor and confidant in what turned out to be a very difficult divorce, made so by my Husband and his Attorney. Lisa is very knowledgeable and identified early on what my Husband was attempting to do. She did not let me get taken advantage of. Lisa and her staff were always there for me to answer any of my questions. I am so grateful to Lisa and her staff (special mention to Caitlin who could not have been kinder to me). I can now breathe easier knowing this stressful time of my life is over and I have been protected. I would not only recommend Lisa Ruggieri but would use her again in the future.

-Sallie W.

“Proven Results and Perfect Client Service”

I was referred to Lisa through a colleague. Lisa handled my case with skill and grace, and the whole firm made me feel like part of a family. I am not exaggerating when I say that there were a couple of times I was worried about my case and out of nowhere I would get an email update or a simple check in from Lisa. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with the results and unequivocally recommend Lisa and her entire firm to anyone who needs proven results and great client service. This is truly a great group of attorneys and staff! Special thank you to Caitlin who was a big help!!!

-Vera O.

“What a Relief!”

I hired the Law Offices of Lisa Ruggieri when my Husband filed a Complaint for Modification trying to reduce child support. Lisa called me back right away and we went over the facts. She told me not to worry but I was scared. She was right we fought back and after only two court appearances we won and the judge dismissed my ex’s complaint. Lisa always kept me informed and I personally feel she is an excellent attorney. Money was a real concern for me and in the end, she actually refunded the remaining retainer which was a nice surprise. She kept her promises and protected me. I am happy to give a good review and to be referral source. Thank you!

-Michelle M.

“Couldn’t Ask for Better”

Lisa worked tirelessly to defend our son and delivered results far beyond our expectations. We couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.

-Robert and Debbie B.

“Skill and Sound Judgment”

From day one, Lisa handled my case with skill and sound judgment. Unlike many lawyers, Lisa knew how to negotiate as well as fight. She knew when it was time to compromise and when it was time to go to trial. Because of Lisa, I was able to achieve fantastic results.

-Arthur J.

“Honesty and Professionalism”

Whatever words I write will fall short of expressing how thankful I am for Lisa’s representation. Lisa’s compassion, honesty and professionalism guided me through the most difficult time in my life. All I can say is thank you with all my heart.

-Dena B.

“Above and Beyond”

Just wanted to say thank you to Lisa and her staff. They exceeded all my expectations. Lisa truly went above and beyond. I am very grateful.

-Robert C.

“Always on My Side”

Quick note to thank you! I always feel better knowing I have Lisa on my side.

-Cynthia A.

“Sense of Security”

I cannot thank Lisa and her team enough. Lisa was there for me during the most painful and emotional time of my life. She always provided me with a sense of security and a sense of hope. I am fortunate and very lucky that I had Lisa as my attorney.

-Stacey K.

“Great Results”

I hired Lisa to modify my divorce agreement. She did a great job and addressed my concerns that my first attorney never incorporated. Her office kept me informed and made me feel very comfortable. Lisa is an excellent attorney whom I am happy to recommend.

-Patrice F.

“Best Divorce Attorney!”

Lisa was recommended to me by our business attorney as I needed a specialist in divorce law. She was always prepared, answered all my questions and responded immediately during the week and even weekends to emergencies that I had and she kept me completely updated. Lisa helped negotiate a very favorable settlement for me under the new alimony reform rules. She is an outstanding attorney and a true professional.

-Chris F.

“Results Oriented Attorney”

My loveless marriage finally came to an end thanks to the fantastic service and hard work of Lisa and Caitlin. They did a great job for me! In court, Lisa was like a pit bull when necessary. I was reassured that my side of the story would always be heard. The entire office was there for me whether by phone, email or text, and I always felt connected and cared for. I have not felt this happy and carefree in years. I know that I paid for the legal work but it was more than that, and I will always be grateful and recommend Lisa.

-Lynn L.

“Gave Me My Life Back”

When I completed filing for divorce for many years, but I was afraid of all the stories I heard about how men like me lost everything in a divorce. I researched lawyers and I found Lisa. After our first consult, I knew she was the real deal. She is very intelligent and also has common sense. She does what is in her client’s best interests. I truly felts he completely absorbed herself in my case and was 100% there for me. We negotiated a very honest and fair settlement through strength and not fear. She was always prepared and attentive. If you need a great lawyer, she is the one.

-Miles A.

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5 Star Reviews

A Superb Lawyer!

Lisa guided me through the divorce process and helped me obtain my desired outcome. Throughout the entire process, she helped make the process as painless as possible. Lisa is truly a super lawyer who will be an asset to anyone that utilizes her knowledge, experience, dedication and abilities!

– Eric E.

Successfully Settled My Case With Just One Court Appearance

My ex husband is an attorney and I knew I needed a top notch attorney on my side in order to secure a favorable outcome. In less than a month, from start to finish, Attorney Ruggieri successfully settled my case with just one court appearance.

– Carol K.

All Of The Online Reviews Of Attorney Lisa Ruggieri Are True!

All of the online reviews of Attorney Lisa Ruggieri are true! If you need top-notch legal advice to land you on your feet post-divorce, I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Lisa Ruggieri. Lisa is very knowledgeable and draws a strong line around defending and protecting her clients.

– Eugenia Z.

She Was Aggressive And Never Backed Down

I found Lisa through reviews and was not disappointed. Lisa and her staff were great! They were very supportive and explained everything. She was aggressive and never backed down, even when I wanted to settle. She always looked out for my best interest, even when I didn’t want to. I can’t recall a single debate she lost during the entire case. If I were ever in a similar situation again (which will not be anytime in the foreseeable future!), I would call Lisa.

– Erik T.