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Don’t let emotions ruin your divorce case

Divorcing your spouse is an emotional time, there can be no doubt about it. Separating from someone you once thought you would spend your entire life with can be extremely difficult and your emotions may be high. While this is normal, you cannot let your emotions run your life during this time. It is important to express your emotions in a healthy way, but too many negative emotions can ruin your divorce if you let them.

There are many decisions you will have to make during this process and keeping a clear head can help you come out of the divorce successfully on your feet. There are a few ways you can learn to manage your emotions and keep your head while you go through this tumultuous time.

Building and maintaining resilience after a gray divorce

Since the 1990s, the divorce rates among U.S. adults 50 or older has nearly doubled. The uptick is partially due to people living longer in general. With a longer life comes re-evaluation and a chance to leave an unhappy situation in the hopes of finding a fresh start.

Consequences of divorce when kids are in college

Family is important to many Massachusetts parents. When kids are young and in the house, parents may feel more obligated to stay together to raise their kids. Two-parent households often feel more effective in raising children.

But when kids go to college parents may think it is a good time to split up and finally get a divorce. Parents may think this will be an easier time to divorce since the kids are out of the house and may feel less affected by it.

Modifications of divorce in Massachusetts

Every divorce is different. As circumstances change, your divorce agreement may need a divorce modification. Once approved by the judge, your divorce agreement becomes an order of the court. Even if both parties agree to a change made in the agreement, it may be wise to submit the modification to the court for approval.

A case that results in a modification typically involves a substantial change. These changes may range from the loss of a job that affects child support to a case where one parent moves out of state. It is important that your divorce agreement be drafted properly so that the court can modify it.

Fuel for Thought: Higher Education

For many parents, the summer months are a time for vacations, relaxation and time spent with their children. Yet, with each summer that passes, parents may be more aware of the looming costs for their children's higher education.

Nesting as a co-parenting alternative

Every generation of parents has the opportunity to respond to new evidence in best parenting practices. Today, a popular co-parenting arrangement called nesting, is being championed as the most child-centered approach.

Traditionally, as a marriage ends, each couple finds a new home and the children move back and forth between the two homes. Nesting is an arrangement where divorced or separated couples rotate being in the family home with the children. Get to know this option before deciding if it's right for you. 

Supplementary legal advice can be helpful in a family law matter

I would like a second opinion on that.

That's hardly an unusual request, is it?

In fact, we suspect that readers of our family law blog across Massachusetts solicit supplementary viewpoints on things of personal importance all the time. It is an act of prudence and extra input that can lead to more reasoned decision making.

Joint custody in divorce … for your pet?

Is your beloved dog – or cat, or horse or, as cited in a recent media piece, boa constrictor – akin in your mind to the living-room sofa? That is, would you ever equate your animal companion to some piece of personal property you bought at the store?

We didn’t think so. Historically, judges have done so, though.

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