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October 2012 Archives

Massachusetts child support settlements becoming more complicated

According to some workers in Massachusetts probate courts, family life seems to be becoming more complex, chaotic and, in many cases, dysfunctional. As a result of these societal changes, the job of settling divorce and child support disputes between separating parties has become more and more difficult. Probation officers and child protective authorities who are often in the front lines of these disputes have the often thankless task of managing the conflict and officiating in the negotiations. They typically do this in the attempt to ensure a favorable outcome for all involved, especially the children.

Federal child custody law subject to varying interpretations

What happens when states interpret a federal law differently? In many cases, the party who is challenging the law must seek clarification through the courts. One recent child custody dispute concerns one court's interpretation of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Massachusetts readers may be interested in following the case, which has now made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. A family from a southern state has asked the court to consider reversing a custody order made concerning their adopted Native American child.

Child support payments: Financial preparation crucial

Divorce is already an emotionally difficult process. However, when there are children involved, it can become even more complicated. It is important when dealing with children in a divorce that parents attempt to maintain the child's current lifestyle in order to cause as little disruption as possible. Divorcing parents in Massachusetts may benefit by planning their budgets in anticipation of potential child support payments and other expenses caused by the marital dissolution.

Can a Massachusetts divorce be confidential?

Many people would like to keep their private life just that, private. However, when a divorce is filed in a Massachusetts family court, many of the documents filed in the proceeding may be accessed by the general public. So how does one keep these documents from being viewed? It is a question that might be answered in an out-of-state family court appeal that was argued by the CEO of NASCAR.

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