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December 2016 Archives

How to Repair Financial Damage After a Divorce

The process of divorce can certainly be complex. Much planning and forethought are invested into this life-changing process. For many, this planning helps to ensure that both spouses remain financially healthy throughout the divorce process and obtain a fair settlement at the end of it. With the aid of an experienced family law attorney, couples can navigate the legal aspects of the divorce process as successfully as possible.

Protecting your Massachusetts business during divorce

Family law attorneys who are well versed in promoting the interests of clients in high-asset divorce cases know that one or more business interests are commonly of great importance to them and prominently feature during the divorce process.

Young and about to marry: you likely have a few financial questions

Younger readers across Massachusetts who might occasionally peruse our family law-related blog posts (if you do, we appreciate it) might understandably feel sometimes that they are comparatively neglected.

What a proven divorce attorney focuses on with many "gray" clients

We think that most readers of our family law blog across Massachusetts and elsewhere will immediately grasp the "gray" reference in the above post headline. You can quite readily substitute terms such as "baby boomer" or "late-life divorcing party" in lieu of that depiction.

What happens in divorce if you own a business together?

Divorce is always a complex matter, but the process can become even more complicated if you and your ex-spouse own a business together. There is no single course of action that will work for everyone who is a joint business owner during a divorce, but it is important to understand why the process can be so challenging.

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