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December 2013 Archives

Collaboration can make for a faster, cheaper divorce

Many Massachusetts spouses are well aware that their marriage has simply run its course. Both partners often agree that divorce offers the best possible path forward, and there is very little anger or resentment between the parties. In such cases, a traditionally litigated divorce may not offer the best option, and alternative divorce practices could be a better fit. Collaboration is one such choice, and divorcing couples should look into whether this option is a good match for their particular goals and needs.

Should a Massachusetts divorce be announced during the holidays?

Christmas and New Years are right around the corner, and some Massachusetts couples are still debating whether to announce their intention to divorce. After all, it can be difficult to continue to pretend that everything is fine just because it is the holiday season. However, there are some things to consider before announcing a divorce over a holiday dinner.

Massachusetts family law matters similar to Jennifer Lopez case

Massachusetts readers likely are well aware of the tedious, often lengthy, divorce processes that celebrities find themselves immersed in. Unfortunately, any divorce can become lengthy, tedious and expensive when family law matters are not swiftly and amicably negotiated. Recent reports indicate that actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is currently working through some very common divorce matters, even after two years have passed since the couple originally split. The considerations that Lopez is currently working through may have applicability to many divorce cases.

The Internet has changed both marriage and divorce

A great many Massachusetts couples began their relationship by way of the Internet. The ability to connect with one another online and share our hopes and desires with potential partners has revolutionized the dating scene for people across the nation. The Internet has also changed the way that those relationships play out, however, and in many cases the same thing that brought a couple together can lead to an eventual divorce.

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