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3 benefits of high-asset divorce mediation

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Mediation

As a couple who has built wealth together, growing apart and deciding to part ways complicates the situation.

Although Massachusetts divorce rates continue to dip, it still offers the best solution for many couples. If you and your partner want a fair, amicable resolution, mediation offers benefits that may make it the right path to take.

1. Private proceedings

People who have amassed wealth and property often have established themselves in the community from attending nonprofit functions to operating a business and donating time and money to local charities. While you do not need to hide the fact of the divorce, you still do not want all of your personal life put on display. Unlike standard divorce proceedings that become public records, working with a mediator ensures your separation stays private.

2. Comprehensive, personalized settlements

If you head to court for your divorce, a judge gets to decide the fine details of who gets what. In mediation, you and your future ex get control of the situation. As you work with a neutral mediator, you can prepare a list of must-haves and negotiate back and forth to come to a resolution. While some aspects may still come with disagreement, having a discussion in a safe environment may lead to a surprising amount of agreement.

3. Faster resolution

Whether amicable or not, going through the court system takes time. Drawing out the process makes it harder to get started on your new life. Mediation often only takes a few months as opposed to up to a year.

Although divorcing has challenges and upends the life you once had, working together for the best solution makes for a smoother transition.

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