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When can you request an increase in alimony payments?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Alimony

Once you receive your divorce settlement and a court order for alimony in Massachusetts, you have a legal obligation to make those payments. Alimony payments are calculated based on a careful assessment of many factors, including not just your income but the work histories and financial situations of both partners.

There are a few reasons you might need to ask the court for an increase in your alimony payments.

Is your ex receiving more money?

Whether your ex has received a promotion, a raise or a large financial settlement, that improvement in their financial situation may translate to an increase in your alimony payments.

Did you lose your job?

If you lose your job and only source of income, petition the court for an adjustment to your alimony. The judge may order a temporary increase to offset your income while you look for another job.

Have your costs increased?

If your taxes or rent have increased and led to a significant increase in your cost of living, that can put a financial strain on your household. Sometimes, an adjustment to alimony can help you deal with those cost increases.

Are you dealing with a serious illness?

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness that interferes with your ability to work or you have costly treatments ahead of you, that can disrupt your financial situation. A judge may adjust the alimony payment accordingly.

Many people mistakenly believe that alimony amounts are fixed. If you need to have yours evaluated after your divorce, a petition to the court can help.

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