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Why is a forensic accountant a useful ally during divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Divorce

During your marriage, you and your spouse were willing to share everything from assets to emotions. Now that it is time for a divorce, you may feel like you need to protect everything you were once willing to share. Your ex is likely experiencing the same feelings.

Often, when a couple starts to consider divorce, it can feel like a contest to see who can make their claims first. Some people going through divorce even go so far as to try to hide assets to keep them from their ex.

Here’s what you should know about how a forensic accountant can help you uncover hidden assets.

What does forensic accountant review?

Similar to a traditional accountant, a forensic accountant looks at finances. Additionally, a forensic accountant will look more specifically at financial patterns, especially if you suspect your ex is trying to hide some of their assets, by looking at information including:

  • Tax documents
  • Credit accounts
  • Business records from the Secretary of State’s office
  • Business transactions

When a forensic accountant looks at these types of records, they will be able to recognize changes in any of your ex’s patterns.

What can a forensic accountant provide for you?

During divorce, a forensic accountant can provide important documents to help build your arguments for asset allocation and negotiations, including:

  • Creating reports for the court and your attorney
  • Providing visual aids to support the evidence

The forensic accountant’s analysis can be a compelling part of your divorce case when you have a spouse who was trying to hide assets. Depending on your situation, including a specialist like a forensic accountant can be essential in negotiating your divorce case. Forensic accountants can also testify at trial if a case needs to go to trial.

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