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The role time plays in a short-term divorce

A short-term marriage

Crudely known as “starter” marriages, short-term marriages are nothing to balk at. After the “I dos” it is hard to imagine that anyone’s goal is to end up divorced. While legally time is an issue, it has no barring on the emotional component of a divorce. Mourning the loss of a marriage is painful, whether the marriage lasted five years or fifty.

Defining short-term

The definition of short-term marriage will vary from state-to-state. In Massachusetts, a short-term marriage is defined as any marriage that lasted five years or less. Reaching an agreement can be more straightforward when involved in a short-term divorce because neither party has had time to accumulate many assets. In a long-term marriage, there are more complications when it comes to equally dividing belongings. With liabilities, assets and finances being co-mingled it can be quite a chore to reach a resolution.

Proportionate division

Typically in short-term marriages where there are no children, spousal support can be ordered for a fixed period or, in some cases, not at all.  In the dissolution of a marriage that lasted less than five years, the court tends to rule in favor of fair distribution of jointly owned goods.

Unfortunately, the length of a marriage does not affect the amount of misery you experience during a divorce. The years do add up though when it comes to dividing assets and property. Evaluate your financial circumstance before deciding to plunge into a short-term divorce, make sure it is the best decision for you and your spouse.

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