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Even absent a prenup, you can still protect your separate property

Reams of material have been written on prenuptial agreements in recent years. Notably, the slant ranges widely.

On the one hand, there are emotionally charged — and, candidly, easily challenged — spiels on how a prenuptial contract allegedly dampens romantic ardor and hastens divorce.

And, at the other end of the spectrum, some commentators provide reasoned examinations of how timely discussed and well-considered prenups can materially promote financial understanding and security for a couple entering wedlock.

Occasionally, too, an informed article will discuss alternatives to premarital agreements that provide much the same benefits for a marriage-entering individual concerned with ongoing financial stability.

One such online piece recently appearing in the publication Brides spotlights some of those strategies, noting that executing a prenup is “not the only way to make sure your assets are protected.”

The Brides piece stresses foremost a division between assets that are kept separate following marriage versus those that are combined with other accounts or jointly contributed to and managed with a spouse.

That distinction is key for a court examining an asset trail and making a determination whether property belongs solely to one married partner or must be divided as a marital asset in the event of divorce.

There is of course much to consider and be careful about regarding the titling of accounts, contributions made to them, the use to which money is committed in a marriage and additional factors. Some general information on such matters can be gleaned through accessing the above link.

And for individuals who seek a deeper insight into financial security and asset protection both during marriage and in a divorce, a good starting point for an in-depth understanding is a candid and confidential conversation with an experienced family law attorney.

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