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When a family-owned business is at center stage in a divorce

Here's an understatement: "Businesses can become a complicated part of a property dispute during a high-net-worth divorce."

That comment comes via our Wellesley family law website at the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., where we represent diverse clientele in high-asset divorce matters involving complex property distribution.

In the context of family law, "complex" often equates to "significant," which is frequently the case when a family-owned business is a central divorce consideration.

Our clients often -- and understandably -- have wide-ranging questions and concerns regarding the ultimate disposition of a family business in a divorce proceeding.

After all, such an enterprise, which was perhaps once just a struggling entity with uncertain viability following the early days of its creation, has now grown -- as do many carefully nurtured and operated family concerns -- into an impressive revenue creator.

As such, notes a recent financial article on protecting a family business in a divorce, "it's not uncommon for a couple to have almost all their net worth tied up in the business."

What happens to that entity when a couple in Massachusetts or elsewhere dissolves their marriage?

That depends.

Every divorce is different, of course, but, as we duly note on our website (and as the aforementioned article additionally points out), marked complexity often attaches to family business-related discussions during divorce negotiations.

Our firm has extensive and proven experience working on behalf of divorce clients with family business holdings that promise to figure largely in a marital dissolution process.

We help clients fully identify and accurately value all business property and work hard to ensure that, however business-related issues and challenges are resolved, our clients in every case secure an outcome that is equitable and that optimally promotes their legal interests.

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