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Divorce-related insurance division: an often upper-tier concen

As much as many divorcing couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere try to reduce uncertainty in the dissolution process and alleviate risks associated with the unknown in post-divorce life, complete success in that regard is seldom attainable.

The bottom line: There are always shifting variables in life and new realities to confront that cannot be fully identified and safeguarded against. Varying types and levels of risk will always exist and thwart attempts to fully mitigate.

Notwithstanding that, though, thoughtful divorcing parties do all they can to identify material risks and optimally address them through careful insurance-related decisions. And that can be an especially important focus, of course, in any divorce involving children.

We duly note that on our website at the Wellesley Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., noting the importance of addressing post-divorce risk in an article that focuses closely upon division of insurance during divorce.

As we point out therein, insurance division can be "one of the most difficult aspects of divorce."

Both soon-to-be partners will need health insurance following divorce, with coverage being a flat imperative for the kids.

Who will pay for it? What is most equitable, and how will a decision be reached?

Of course, and while acknowledging its top-level importance for any family, health insurance is far from being the only type of risk-reduction tool that comes to the fore in a divorce.

There is car insurance, of course. Importantly, too, a dissolution does not eliminate the need for continued homeowners insurance. In fact, it can elevate that concern, especially in cases where one of the divorcing parties is establishing a second residence.

And then there is life insurance, which can be critically important in a divorce, especially when separating couples have minor children.

A proven family law attorney knows intimately well how important insurance considerations are for divorcing couples, and will ensure that they are fully addressed during the divorce process.

Mutual agreement on insurance concerns, coupled with an equitable resolution, can materially promote peace of mind for all involved parties.

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