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Family law commentators opine on divorce preparation

Family law just happens to be one of those legal realms that is replete with subject-related primers and how-to overviews regarding how to prepare for divorce and prosper in its aftermath. Commentators from the casual to the erudite (some of them with no real relevant family law qualifications, others with some credentials to buttress their views) routinely weigh in with views on matters ranging from parenting plans to asset division.

Such is the case with a recent U.S. News & World Report story we unearthed entitled "10 Ways to Prevent a Divorce From Ruining Your Finances." That article concededly contains some quite generic and baseline advice (e.g.., don't upset the judge overseeing your divorce; see a therapist if the divorce process is "emotionally wrenching" in the extreme for you), but is also has a few kernels that qualify as legitimate takeaways for divorcing parties in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Such as this one: Don't make sudden and dramatic financial moves during the divorce process, which is a point that can command particular relevance in high-asset divorces. Identifying and properly valuing assets is an imperative, but getting frenetic about moving things around during divorce can be unwise and problematic.

And then there's this: Don't be "blinded by the power of the win," i.e., don't fight your soon-to-be ex-spouse on trivial matters and items that are essentially of emotional -- not financial -- value.

One of the commentators in the article makes the glib point that an attorney "will be glad to overcharge" a client if that opportunity presents itself.

That remark mandates a response, namely, that no proven and good-faith family law lawyer would ever take advantage of a client. Indeed, an attorney is often the only professional legally tasked with acting in a client's best interests at all times in a family law matter.

An experienced, impassioned and client-empathetic attorney will make every reasonable effort to maximally promote a divorce client's goals, striving for an optimal outcome in every matter.

As noted above, family law columnists frequently point out that there are many things a divorcing party needs to be focused upon.

Centrally, one of those is timely consultation with a proven divorce attorney, who will be professionally focused on the client's best interests at every step of the divorce process.

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