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Parents: You can craft an exemplary Massachusetts parenting plan

Divorcing parties in Massachusetts often sweat the details, understandably, and of course experience attendant stresses that often define the divorce process in a given case.

For example, financial considerations might spell a front-and-center concern (they often do), necessitating a close focus on asset identification, valuation and equitable property division. Child support is a focal point in many Massachusetts divorces, as is spousal maintenance.

And then there are the kids. They are precious and loved in every instance, notwithstanding what mom and dad might be going through as they seek to untie the marital knot.

Many parents understandably spend much of their time and energy during divorce thinking of what best promotes the interests of their children. It can be beneficial to remind them that they have a great opportunity in a Massachusetts divorce to define family views and expectations regarding this important subject matter in a parenting plan.

State law gives divorcing parents great latitude in this area, enabling them to craft their own parenting plan in lieu of something fashioned by a court.

The advantages of that are obvious, of course. As we note on our website at the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., in Wellesley, close involvement "allows the parents to have more control over the plan, structuring it to meet their unique needs."

A judge will scrutinize any parenting plan, seeking to ensure that it fully promotes the best interests of children. It is generally far more likely that it will do so when it is intimately considered and mutually worked on by two loving parents, rather than judicially fashioned.

A proven family law attorney with a deep well of experience helping clients with parenting plans can provide advice and input that can help parents tailor a plan that best meets family needs and that will be favorably received by a court.

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