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You’re worried: Must your post-divorce lifestyle change?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Divorce

Whether in the midst of a divorce or prior to commencing one, you’re understandably concerned about many things.

Where children are involved, you of course dwell on their well-being, the financial and emotional support they will continue to need and their continued connectivity to things they know and love.

Custody-related matters might loom large, too, with visitation and a workable parenting plan being of material importance.

And here’s another thing: Although you fully — and reasonably — expect that some things will change once a divorce decree has been executed, you might reasonably wonder regarding the extent of such changes.

Will they be truly material? Will your life going ahead be altered fundamentally from how it was structured prior to divorce?

Candidly (and this is a question many divorcing parties ask themselves), will divorce significantly erode the financial security you took for granted and were long accustomed to during marriage?

That is a fair question that many divorcing individuals in Massachusetts and elsewhere need to be asking themselves, especially if their standard of living was at a fairly high level during their marriage.

Things will change, of course, but, as we note on our website at the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., an excessive amount of change is certainly not preordained or something that must necessarily enter life as a debilitating factor.

In fact, we think it is important for clients of our Boston family law firm to know that “it is possible to structure your divorce and post-divorce life to support the lifestyle that you wish to continue.”

Timely and focused assistance from a proven divorce lawyer well versed in asset division matters and relevant state law mandating an equitable distribution of property can help ensure an accurate identification and valuation of marital property (including any business ventures, extant realty holdings in addition to a family home, retirement/savings vehicles and all other asset sources) for a client.

Many other things as well can influence a judicial outcome centered upon lifestyle, including tax benefits, alimony, support modifications and additional factors.

We note on our website that a client of our firm who is seeking a just distribution of assets to maintain a particular post-divorce lifestyle has a tested ally who will make best efforts to promote an optimal outcome in every case.

We welcome readers’ questions regarding lifestyle matters and any other divorce-related concerns they might have.

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