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Alimony In Massachusetts: Payments and Your Needs

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | Alimony, Divorce

What is spousal support like in Massachusetts? Massachusetts has alimony, which is simply the money one spouse pays to the other to help support them after a divorce. The amount of money can be decided by the couple or by the court, depending on the situation.

The amount of alimony a person receives is determined by looking at the age, physical condition, financial condition, and emotional state of the spouses. From there, the length of time the alimony will be awarded is determined. In some states, it’s only as long as needed for the other person to get back on their feet financially; in Massachusetts, it can be as long as life.

The way you lived during the marriage will also help determine alimony. For example, if you lived in penthouses and private yachts, it would be unreasonable for the court to order you to receive only $600 a month in alimony. Essentially, you should be able to maintain the same standard of living following the end of your marriage as during it.

Of course, the other party has to be able to pay the alimony that’s requested. This will be determined by the courts by looking at the other party’s finances. While it’s not always clear how much alimony will be ordered, many states have a general assortment of guidelines that they follow to make alimony fair.

If you’re going through a divorce, determining alimony is only one of the decisions that you’re going to have to make. Experienced family law attorneys can help make sure that your rights are protected and that you get what you deserve.

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