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Statistics lacking on same-sex divorce

Same-sex marriage has become a prominent point of political debate in recent years. And while several states have now legalized same-sex marriage, there is still a lack of statistical information surrounding same-sex couples. The focus in Massachusetts and around the country has been on same-sex marriage, but few have taken the time to look into same-sex divorce. As a result, very few studies have been conducted as to the rate of same-sex divorce and the causes of their dissolution.

The most recent study on same-sex divorce occurred in 2008. The study indicated that about 2 percent of same-sex couples divorce or dissolve their unions each year. This percentage is similar to the divorce rate of opposite-sex marriages.

A newer study has examined the causes of same-sex divorce. In this report it was found that one of the main struggles same-sex couples deal with, is sharing the same beliefs in how to deal with the negative opinions held by many individuals regarding same-sex marriage. The study found that couples who share the same view on this issue are far more likely to remain happy in their relationship than those who differ in their view.

As more same-sex marriages occur across the country, gathering same-sex divorce data will become increasingly important. Because same-sex marriage is not yet recognized by all states or on a federal level, same-sex divorce poses unique challenges. Because of this it is important to seek the advice of someone experienced in dealing with same-sex divorce. It could go a long way toward making sure a split is fair and comprehensive.

Source: Huffington Post, "What About Divorce Among Same-Sex Couples?" Robert Hughes Jr., July 10, 2012

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