Our Divorce Lawyers Can Help with Divorce Mediation, Too

Traditional Divorce Litigation vs. Divorce Mediation

Divorcing spouses often want to work through the divorce process without court involvement. There are numerous advantages of doing so, including:

  • Spouses are able to stay in control of how decisions are made
  • Spouses are able to reduce the time and emotional turmoil of the process
  • Spouses are able to reduce the costs of getting divorced

In some situations, however, parties are unable to reach the agreements they need through divorce mediation. In those situations, working with a zealous trial lawyer can help ensure your rights and best interests are protected at every stage of the process.

When you come to our family law firm for information and guidance, you can count on the experience, compassion and assertiveness of Wellesley divorce attorney Lisa A. Ruggieri.

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What to Expect During the Divorce Process

Regardless of whether you decide to move forward with mediation or divorce litigation, the same issues will be addressed. The mediator or your Wellesley divorce lawyer will facilitate conversations or suggest solutions to the many issues in divorce, from child custody to parental visitation time and property division and alimony.

Using Divorce Mediation to Stay Out of Court

Divorce mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows spouses to end their marriage outside the courtroom. In a mediation situation, both spouses, and their lawyers, agree to handle the divorce through mediation rather than through the courtroom.

If, however, the case does end up in court, both spouses must proceed with new lawyers. This gives everyone involved an incentive to work toward a solution.

The process is intended to be open, respectful and solution-oriented.

In some situations, financial advisers, parent coordinators and other specialists may be hired to evaluate the situation and provide neutral assessments of the matter at hand, enabling the spouses to make informed decisions.

Turn to Divorce and Mediation Lawyer Lisa A. Ruggieri in Wellesley

Our law firm can provide the skilled, caring and assertive legal help you need during divorce, whether you are proceeding with divorce litigation, divorce mediation or any other method of resolution.

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