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Let's talk about child support payments

As a parent, you would do anything for your child. During your marriage, you and your wife or husband worked diligently to not only raise them the right way, but to make sure that the relationship you shared with your significant other was in the best shape that it could possibly be in. 

When you and your spouse decide it is time for a divorce, your thoughts will be with your child. How will you handle this new life, one without your significant other? How will your child adjust to this new post-divorce world? And what legal issues could arise in the years that follow your actual divorce?

The potential issues are myriad, so it is best not to get too worried about each individual one. That will only leave you feeling unnecessarily stressed out. Instead, focus on what you can, when you can.

Child support is one of these many issues, and if it is awarded in your particular case, then you should be aware of the many costs that child support can cover:

  • The basics: When you're getting food, purchasing new clothes for your kids, or paying for rent or shelter, child support payments can be used to cover the costs.
  • The extras: Need travel costs covered for a bus fare or flight? Does your child participate in a sports club or team? Are you buying movie tickets for a family night out? These costs are covered by child support.
  • The intangibles: Your child's schooling (school supplies, fees, tuition) and medical care cane be paid for with your child support payments too.

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