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Phenomenon: reports of spiking marriage applications, prenups

In recent months and in multiple places across the country, city clerks have been noting amped-up numbers relevant to marriage license applications.

The Boston Globe reports, for example, an impressive 20-percent jump in license filings between last November and the middle of March this year compared with the year before. And other locales nationally are noting a material rise in applications, as well.

What gives?

The Globe points to an interesting phenomenon centrally marked by fear in the hearts of a select demographic that has increased since the inception of the new presidential administration.

That demographic comprises singular couples -- one individual being an American citizen, the other a foreign national -- who plan on getting married. Now that President Trump is in office, they still intend to take their vows … only sooner.

And here is why: They are concerned over newly stated immigration policies and activity that they believe could result in hiked deportations.

"The unpredictable nature of what's going on has put a lot of people on edge," says one foreign national with an American partner.

And here's an interesting spinoff linked with the sudden increase in filings: it has spurred an equal interest in the drafting of prenuptial agreements, which some commentators say raises interesting questions.

Many foreign national/American fiancé couples have always intended to execute a prenup prior to marriage, anyway. Now that they are trying to get married quickly, though, the timetable on their marital agreements has been sped up. One commentator makes reference to "Trumped-up prenups."

The point with prenuptial agreements is this: They are not legal instruments to be executed in haste. And they have multiple strict requirements that beg the timely and knowledgeable input of proven legal counsel.

Individuals in Massachusetts who are seeking to marry and have questions or concerns regarding the drafting and execution of a premarital contract can secure sound legal guidance by contacting an experienced Boston-area family law attorney.

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