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Young and about to marry: you likely have a few financial questions

Younger readers across Massachusetts who might occasionally peruse our family law-related blog posts (if you do, we appreciate it) might understandably feel sometimes that they are comparatively neglected.

That is, it is certainly true that many of our entries -- and also media reports across the country touching upon divorce-related matters -- tend to focus on older couples, namely, those involved in so-called "boomer" or "gray" divorces.

We think that makes sense, given that many older divorcing couples are dealing with myriad financial aspects of dissolution on a scale unmatched for younger couples, based simply on their comparatively lengthy marriages.

That doesn't mean, of course, that members of the generations tagged Gen Xers and Millennials don't have bona-fide divorce-related concerns.

In fact, they do, with those considerations often being both singular and multiple.

Our law firm duly appreciates that, with our principal attorney, Lisa A. Ruggieri, working closely with many younger clients as they focus upon the financial aspects of marriage and the need to protect the wealth they have built up from an inequitable division in the event of divorce.

That latter concern can be especially important, of course, for young professionals who have accumulated significant assets and wealth prior to tying the knot. Many of those individuals have already fashioned impressive financial portfolios consisting of savings accounts, investments and various retirement vehicles (company tax-sheltered plans, annuities, pensions and so forth) even before they reach the age of 30.

Some of that wealth will be deemed as separate property and some as marital property, respectively, by a court during the divorce process. The outcome in any such determination is material, and it is not always immediately clear how an asset will be viewed.

We can shed light on that. Our law firm works routinely with high-asset clients of all ages, helping them to understand various asset categories and to take reasonable steps to protect against financial downsides in the event of a divorce.

The learning curve -- especially regarding financial considerations -- can be high in a Massachusetts divorce. A proven family law attorney with a deep well of experience in asset division-related matters can help ensure that a client is fully informed and well protected in the event that a divorce is on the horizon.

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