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Some attorney-led divorce teams include real estate pros

Given that a Massachusetts divorce is a legal process, it makes obvious sense that the professional most closely relied upon by a client regarding all material aspects of a dissolution is a seasoned family law attorney.

Notwithstanding the central role played by proven legal counsel in a divorce, though, it is far from a rarity for other professionals to also play an important part sometimes, pursuant to a team approach that can help resolve the often complex and interrelated aspects of decoupling.

Thus, a divorce attorney might reasonably suggest to select clients -- often, though not exclusively, in high-asset divorces -- that they also benefit from the assistance that an accountant can provide. In some instances, a tax professional can offer candid and studied advice as well, as can an experienced estate planning professional. Family therapists, child psychologists, career coaches, clergy members -- all these individuals and more can effectively contribute to an enhanced bottom line in a given divorce.

As can, increasingly, a real estate divorce specialist, which is something we note on an article on our divorce website. In recent years, more realty specialists have completed special training geared toward helping divorcing parties deal with the emotional aspects of property and effectively sell and buy new properties as they terminate a marriage and embark on new roads going forward.

It might logically be assumed, of course, that the need for such a specialist is greatest in divorces marked by considerable realty holdings, often multiple parcels.

It goes without saying, of course, that real estate divorce specialists "supplement the advice of attorneys." A divorcing party will want to ensure in the first instance that a proven family law lawyer is on board to oversee the divorce process and to make referrals to other parties that might additionally promote a client's interests.

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