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Obvious asset division focus as more Americans becoming wealthier

A recent article in Penta magazine is notably interesting regarding the subject of wealth accumulation and related concerns. We pass along some material details for readers in today's post.

Penta is a product of the financial magazine Barron. Its fundamental focus is upon wealthy American individuals and families and their diverse needs ranging from asset preservation and growth to estate administration.

Here's the bottom-line takeaway from the Penta piece: Unquestionably, the ranks of the wealthy are expanding across the United States, and broadly so.

Here's a number to consider, courtesy of the research company Boston Consulting Group: There are now more than one million U.S. households with $5 million or more in investable assets. A vastly higher number of families have passed the million-dollar threshold in wealth.

That is progressively more of an egalitarian mixture than an exclusive club, with Penta noting that membership is steadily expanding with "a caffeinated velocity."

Such wealth obviously triggers family law concerns when divorce rears its head, especially in the realm of asset identification and equitable property division.

Many divorce attorneys are increasingly noting dissolution matters that centrally feature significant assets. That is certainly a reality at the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., in Wellesley, where we routinely work closely with many high-net-worth clients, promoting their best interests in divorce-related financial matters. Individuals needing our practiced help in this singular area of law include doctors, attorneys, business owners, entrepreneurs and creative people across various industries, and additional clients.

We take strong pride in the role we play on behalf of people who need our legal help in property division matters and with other family law concerns.

We welcome readers' questions and contacts to the firm.

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