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A few words on "complex" divorce: Aren't all divorces complex?

In considering the above-posed headline in today's blog post, it can of course be stated that, indeed, every divorce is complex to a degree.

To wit: Even a dissolution with few trigger points or little to contest will still entail some considerations that require thoughtful deliberation and execution.

After all, a divorce is a signal event in any individual's life. It is a legal happening, if you will, and something sobering for that very reason itself.

Having said that, though, it is undeniable that some divorces in Massachusetts and elsewhere are unquestionably more complex than others.

As to why that is the case, we noted in our immediately preceding post that complexity is often closely linked with the value of marital assets in play. We stated in our August 11 entry that "the complexity surrounding negotiations and outcomes routinely ratchets up considerably when wealth is a focal point in the divorce process."

That is centrally acknowledged in one online overview of complex divorce cases and related wealth considerations. That primer notes that increased complexity flatly inheres in most so-called "high-end divorce cases."

And for obvious reasons.

Here's one: Wealthy divorcing couples often command assets that can only be fully identified after exhaustive and methodical review. Considerable effort can be required to uncover and properly value wealth sources ranging from trusts, investments and bank accounts to stocks/bonds, inheritances and gifts.

And here's another: Once identified and valued, the task of equitably dividing substantial wealth across a complex mix of assets can be extremely challenging. Issues surrounding real estate, offshore accounts, deferred compensation, royalties, pensions and a host of other asset sources frequently surface in high-asset divorce matters.

Securing on-point and experienced legal help in a complex divorce featuring significant assets is far from a casual matter. The above article on the subject matter stresses the importance of bringing on board "a lawyer knowledgeable in high-value divorce cases and the intricacies involved."

A proven high-end divorce lawyer can provide further information.

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