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Helping parents sort out child custody matters

For any parent, a divorce or split from a child's mother or father likely signals concerns about parental rights and issues related to child custody and visitation. All too often, these types of highly emotional matters escalate and grow increasingly contentious as parents disagree about what is truly in a child's best interests.

Whether a parent is seeking to gain sole custody or believes that a joint custody arrangement is best, a family law attorney at the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C. can provide strong legal support and advocacy. We understand the tremendous stress and deep pain that parents, and especially children, who are embroiled in custody battles experience. For these reasons, when possible, we work with parents to resolve child custody and visitation matters outside of court.

For parents who are able to effectively communicate and set aside their own personal differences and feelings, a joint-custody agreement is often best for all involved parties. When parents agree to joint-custody, a child spends times living with both and both have legal parental rights with regard to making decisions about a child's education and medical care.

However, even when parents want and agree to joint-custody, conflicts can arise when drafting the actual agreement. Both parents are likely lead busy lives and also have strong opinions about when a child should be at their home vs. a co-parent's home. It's during this bargaining process, that the negotiation skills of an accomplished attorney become crucial.

To prevent either parent from saying or doing something they may later regret, our attorneys work to broker co-parenting agreements that respect the parental rights and involvement of both parties. We also encourage parents to talk through and address issues that could potentially cause future problems or conflict.

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