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Get DNA proof to determine your responsibilities to a child

As a potential father of a child, you want to be sure that the child is yours. You can be absolutely certain if you have a DNA test, but if your ex-partner or current partner doesn't want to allow the test, then you may have to get the test ordered by the courts.

As someone who wants to establish paternity, you have several rights. You have the right to request the DNA test, and if you have enough evidence to support the request, it may be granted. You can also affirm that you're the father of the child voluntarily if you choose to, which won't require you to provide a DNA test's results.

You may also want to have a DNA test to prove that you aren't the father of a child. For instance, if you learned that your spouse was sleeping with someone else while you were together, you could request the DNA test to find out if the child is yours and if you have an obligation to the child. If the child isn't yours, then you have no legal responsibility to the child and child support could be sought from the child's real father.

If you're accused of being the father of a child, you can also use DNA to prove that the child isn't yours. This way, you can avoid having to pay child support or having to take care of a child that isn't yours. You shouldn't voluntarily take on responsibility for the child until you have a DNA test to prove he's yours. Our website has more information about paternity testing, so you can see if it's right for your situation.

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