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Relocating: Your child and your rights as a parent

When you are divorced, you sometimes come across difficult situations that other families may not face. For instance, if you're given the opportunity to take a good job in another state but have a child in your custody, will you be able to move away from your son or daughter's father or mother? Is it fair to your ex or child to do so?

Child relocations are some of the most difficult and contentious issues family law courts see. A non-custodial parent could see it as an effort to block them from seeing his or her children, while the custodial parent may simply want to move forward with his or her life separate from his or her ex-spouse.

As a parent, you can imagine what it would be like to face the possibility of seeing your child less often or even not at all, due to distance. The courts in Massachusetts determine visitation and child custody matters, and they do take your requests into consideration, too. The best interest of your child is -- and always will be -- the main concern.

Some of the main questions the court will ask include whether or not the new environment is going to have a positive effect on your child's well-being, how your child will react to seeing family members less often and whether or not the school is adequate in the new location. You may want to be present at court proceedings to discuss why you don't want your child to relocate or why it's important that you can relocate with your child. Whatever side you're on, it's important that the facts of the case are clear to make this move easier for your child.

To learn more about child custody issues, please visit our webpage on the topic. We want to protect your rights, as well as the rights of your children.

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