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Family law: Adult children matter in late-life divorces

Divorce can be hard on families, but have you considered how it affects children who are now adults? This news report about family law from July 30 talks about how, despite being grown and out of the home, adults can feel the strain of their parents' divorces as well.

In the United States, up to 50 percent of marriages fail. Half of all the children will have to go through that before they are 18, the news states, but just because you turn 18 doesn't mean you no longer have to deal with divorce. Now, older couples are divorcing more often than in the past and children who are now adults are being involved in the split in a different way.

It's still an emotional process. Older parents whose children are out of the home in Massachusetts may not think about how the divorce can affect their children, but it still can. Adult children have longer-established family rituals, for instance, and they may even be impacted more, in a way, because of having more memories of their families being together.

Simple things like sharing family holidays won't be likely to happen after a divorce, and that can be a stressor. Additionally, when graduations or weddings come up, the adult children may feel they have to worry about keeping their parents apart instead of focusing on the celebrations. It's been suggested that emotional support can also lack during this time, because adults are perceived as not being affected since they no longer live at home.

Your divorce might be hard, but you can get through it with legal help to support your side of the case. You could even involve your children if the divorce is going to have financial impacts on their futures, since no matter what their ages, they still are family.

Source: Yahoo Health, "Why It's So Hard for Adults When Their Parents Divorce" Jul. 30, 2014

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