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Tips for a successful Massachusetts divorce court appearance

In the long term, filing for and obtaining a divorce has many positive effects. For example, it allows people to start a new chapter in their life. Despite the benefits, however, a couple going through a divorce can face contention and stress. However, those familiar with the Massachusetts court process have some suggestions on making a court date go smoothly and ultimately end more successfully.

There are some basic rules of etiquette to follow. For example, it is important to arrive a few minutes early which allows for any problems with traffic and parking. It will also allow time to gain composure and settle any last minute issues. Once in the courtroom, a ringing cell phone will likely make a poor impression with a judge making it important to turn it off. Additionally, some people state the importance of treating support staff, such as clerks and officers, with respect.

In addition to these common actions, it is important to keep one's emotions under control. Some people recommend keeping emotions off display -- by controlling both spoken words and facial expressions. When speaking, it is important to appear confident and maintain eye contact. Otherwise, it may seem as if a person has something to hide. It is also important to know when to talk because interrupting the judge or other parties makes a poor impression.

While there are few people who would say they regret their decision to obtain a divorce, the actual process can sometimes be emotionally painful and complicated. If a divorce is to be settled in a Massachusetts court, a litigant's behavior could potentially have an impact on the outcome. At the very least, some people recommend that behaving in a courteous, respectful manner in the courtroom can make a positive impression with the court.

Source: The Huffington Post, How To Behave In Court: 9 Tips to a Successful Divorce, Daniel Clement, Nov. 14, 2013

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