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Former baseball star wanted for missed child support payments

For some athletes, it may be difficult to adjust to a life outside of the spotlight. While they are in their heyday, they are sought after and have large paychecks and huge endorsements. But what happens after they have been out of their sport for over 20 years, and the paychecks have stopped coming? While some may have a little sympathy for them, these former stars still have their responsibilities to their children to fulfill. Those in Massachusetts will be interested to know of a once famous professional baseball star now on a different sort of most wanted list after his failure to make child support payments.

The story goes back as far as 2011. At that time, he pleaded no contest to charges that he failed to make over a quarter of a million dollars in child support payments to his sons. At that time, he was placed on probation.

However, officials claim that he violated the rules of his probation and jail time was ordered in May 2012. He is expected to spend 180 days in jail and to surrender to the proper authorities. Over a year later, he was yet to surrender causing a warrant to be issued for his arrest.

This story is truly a tale of a fall from grace. The best option for anyone in Massachusetts who has trouble making child support payments is to notify the court of their troubles. Judges can take certain changes in circumstances, such as a reduced income, into consideration when modification is requested. Simply choosing to stop payments could lead to more serious consequences such as wage garnishment, jail time, or loss of a driver's licenses, not to mention irrevocable damage to the parent-child relationship.

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