For most parents, few options take precedence over time spent with their children. When parents divorce, obtaining visitation and parenting time becomes all the more important for noncustodial mothers and fathers.

At the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., we understand the value you place on your time with your kids. When you choose our lawyer to represent you, our firm aggressively works to protect your parental right to visitation.

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Achieving Your Custody And Visitation Goals

Courts in Massachusetts always decide child custody and visitation matters in accordance with what they perceive to be "the best interest of the child." In many cases, this means:

  • Joint legal custody in which the parents share important decisions regarding the child's health, education and other matters
  • Primary physical custody for one parent with visitation rights granted to the other parent

Other arrangements are possible beyond these two, though, including joint physical custody or sole legal custody. With an understanding of how courts in our state view these matters and the criteria they use to make custody and visitation decisions, family law attorney Lisa Ruggieri works to obtain the outcome that is right for you and your child.

Modifications And Relocations

If your parenting time schedule becomes unworkable due to a change in circumstances for you or your child, seeking a modification of orders may be appropriate. By petitioning the courts, you may be able to obtain legal changes to a visitation plan. Further, if you must relocate due to job requirements or remarriage, any changes must be approved by the court.

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