Business Valuations & Asset Division

Protect Your Family Business Assets And Ownership

Businesses can become a complicated part of a property division dispute during a high net worth divorce. Sometimes, a spouse will want to attempt to assume ownership of a business. Other times, a spouse will improperly value the company in order to seek a financial benefit. At the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., in Wellesley, Massachusetts, we are familiar with business valuations and will effectively value your company.

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It is possible to prove that a business is in fact separate property and not subject to distribution upon divorce. When this occurs, the appreciated value of the business is all that is looked to in the splitting of property. If the business owner proves that the other spouse had little to do with the company, it is possible to remove the business from the equation completely.

High Net Worth Divorce Representation

Many issues can arise when a couple is getting divorced and have accumulated a large amount of assets while married. These issues include:

We work with industry professionals, such as forensic accountants, investment experts, investigators, financial planners and appraisers to discover and claim your fair share of the marital assets

If you need questions answered on how to maintain your lifestyle post-divorce or need a second opinion on a business valuation matter, we can help.

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