High-Asset Divorce

Though all divorces have the same basic elements involved, high-asset divorces with a large net worth at stake have added complexity. This is why it is essential to obtain the services of a skilled family law attorney who understands the concerns of couples with significant assets.

You want a lawyer who has the professional connections to discover and accurately value assets and then negotiate a settlement that reflects your interests.

Attending To All The Divorce Details

With high net worth divorces, often the matters that must be addressed include complex property division, the validity of a prenuptial agreement and agreeing to spousal support/alimony payments. Depending on the tax bracket of each spouse, unallocated support may also be a consideration.

At the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., you find trustworthy, professional counsel regarding high-asset divorce and complex property division. Using her extensive experience and additional human resources, attorney Ruggieri works with industry professionals, such as forensic accountants, investment experts, investigators and appraisers to discover and claim your fair share of the marital assets. Together, we discover the value and negotiate fair division of:

  • Pensions, retirement accounts and investments
  • Commercial and residential real estate (second homes, vacation homes, rentals, etc.)
  • Family businesses, professional practices and other business ownership interests
  • Antiques, collectibles and heirlooms
  • Undisclosed or hidden assets
  • Loans and charge card debts

When possible, attorney Lisa Ruggieri works to resolve divorce matters through negotiation. This saves time and money, while lessening the stress and emotional trauma you and your children may experience. However, if it is in your interest, she is ready to take the case to the court system, zealously protecting your rights.

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