Divorce Modification

Framingham Divorce Modification Attorney

Child support is not an optional part of a divorce agreement for parents with children, and refusal to pay is considered contempt. However, as circumstances change in the lives of the parents and children, modifications may be made to the original support agreement, making it workable for the parties involved. At the Massachusetts family law firm, Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., we help dads and moms work through child support matters.

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Modifications In Child Support

The child support level does not have to be permanent once it is set at the divorce proceeding. Long after the divorce, we can help you obtain a modification in child support, provided that a material change has occurred, such as a significant change in income. Attorney Lisa Ruggieri works to obtain these modifications in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Some cases — such as those involving the self-employed, those who own their own businesses, or who are alleged to be underemployed — can be more complex. We have experience in cases like these and can call upon forensic accountants and vocational specialists who can help us examine the facts of the case.

Complaints For Contempt

Child support attorney Lisa A. Ruggieri also has experience with enforcement actions. When a father or mother reneges on his or her responsibility to fulfill child support orders, it is considered contempt. We can file a motion for contempt to enforce a child support order and collect past-due support. We can also defend against these complaints.

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