Division Of Marital Property During Divorce

Division Of Marital Assets During Divorce, Including Retirement And Pension Assets

Massachusetts is an equitable division state. That means marital property is divided on an equitable basis, and not necessarily equally. Effective argumentation before the court can often persuade it to divide marital property on something other than a 50-50 basis. To protect your rights and assets, representation by an experienced attorney is essential.

The family law offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri has successfully handled a large number of divorce cases for clients, including a number of high net worth divorces that include complex marital estates and businesses. We will work to help you obtain a fair and equitable division of property, and to put you in the strongest financial position after your divorce.

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Division Of Marital Property And Debts

During the divorce process, marital property and debts must be identified, valued and divided. In a case involving a shorter marriage with few significant assets, this can be relatively straightforward. The longer a marriage lasts, and the more complex the assets, the more difficult the process can become.

Divorce attorney, Lisa Ruggieri has extensive experience in property division matters of all types, including the identification and valuation of financial assets, real estate, 401-K accounts, pensions and personal property. She will undertake a systematic analysis of the nature, sources and transformations of your individual and marital property.

Complex Property Division Cases

Our firm has successfully represented a number of clients in cases involving complex assets, businesses, hidden assets and unusual asset classes. We have long-standing relationships with forensic accountants, appraisers, business valuation specialists and other financial professionals. These experts can conduct special investigations and analyses that can identify and value these types of assets, as well as provide compelling testimony in court when needed.

In every case, the goal of the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., is to protect the client's rights and assets to the fullest degree. We will work to achieve a property division solution that places you in the strongest position possible.

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