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What is a QDRO, and might it be important in my divorce?

Here's a quick twofold response to the above-posed headline query: A QDRO is, in its long-form appellation, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order and, yes, it can become a focal point in many divorces.

"If you have a retirement account and you're facing a divorce, you may become quite familiar with this acronym," notes an online examination of a QDRO and what it essentially entails.

Insurance issues can loom large in divorce negotiations, outcome

Risk is so closely aligned with life on planet Earth that many people simply take it for granted. In many areas across the globe, individuals and families just assume the many risks that centrally feature in life, not taking any proactive steps to minimize or avoid them.

Of course, that is hardly the case for many millions of Americans, with risk often being explicitly acknowledged across the United States in all its perceivable forms and protected against to the fullest extent possible.

You're worried: Must your post-divorce lifestyle change?

Whether in the midst of a divorce or prior to commencing one, you're understandably concerned about many things.

Where children are involved, you of course dwell on their well-being, the financial and emotional support they will continue to need and their continued connectivity to things they know and love.

Uppercase considerations in a high-asset Massachusetts divorce

Here are a couple truisms that can be stated as having general applicability in divorce cases.

First, there can be -- and often is -- some general overlap in the concerns that loom most large in a divorce proceeding. Where kids are involved, child custody, visitation, parenting plans and so forth may be central focal points. Spousal maintenance (alimony) might be a front-and-center consideration. So, too, might be an equitable division of marital assets.

No prenuptial agreement in Johnny Depp’s divorce

No matter how many or how few assets you have, a prenuptial agreement can benefit you. Essentially, this document helps protect your personal assets as you enter a marriage. It outlines how the property will be distributed if a divorce occurs and what kind of financial support may be offered to a spouse.

Although many individuals feel discussing a prenup is a bad way to start a marriage, a lot of us know from experience or from hearing the stories of other individuals that a prenuptial agreement can be extremely helpful in the end. While it may seem as though a prenup only benefits the high-earning spouse, that is not the case. A prenuptial agreement can also outline the exact conditions related to spousal support. That way an individual knows they will have financial security if the marriage ends.

Don't be shy, dad, about asserting those parental prerogatives

Say that you're a good Massachusetts father. A workable definition of that might be a conscientious and caring dad who strives to remain on civil terms with your former spouse or soon-to-be ex and makes strong efforts to routinely promote the best interests of your children.

And now you're about to visit the subject of post-divorce parenting arrangements in court, and you're a veritable mess just thinking about the outcome. You just know that the judge is going to discount your abilities as a parent because you're a man and demonstrate a clear custody bias in favor of your children's mother because, well, she's a woman, right? In your mind, it's a done deal that mom is going to exit the court with sole custody and that you are going to have limited visitation rights.

What to know about the prom during a divorce

For many teens in our region prom season is the most exciting time of the year. The annual night to dress up, take pictures and enjoy a party is something that most teens will never forget. But for divorcing parents, the costs of the prom may be stressful. After all, worrying about how much dresses, tuxedos, and dinner will cost can take a toll in the midst of a nasty divorce.

Because of this, it is imperative for divorcing parents to put their personal differences aside for the sake of their kids in supporting them during such a momentous occasion. Indeed, this is easier said than done, so this post will provide a few helpful tips.  

Facebook: Maybe it's your face a judge is looking at

"Pictures are forever" is a phrase that has undoubtedly been uttered more than a few times across the country by family members looking at decades-old snapshots of long gone relatives who continue to stare back at them from well-worn photo albums.

And how evocative those historical keepsakes can be. It's certainly not hard to understand the widespread maxim of a picture being worth a thousand words.

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