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Contested litigation in the courtroom: there are other options

If you're a Massachusetts resident seeking to get a divorce, you might reasonably harbor some trepidation regarding what is centrally involved in the process.

And you would hardly be alone for having some fears and doubts. After all, divorce is not exactly a commonplace occurrence for most people.

A few words on "complex" divorce: Aren't all divorces complex?

In considering the above-posed headline in today's blog post, it can of course be stated that, indeed, every divorce is complex to a degree.

To wit: Even a dissolution with few trigger points or little to contest will still entail some considerations that require thoughtful deliberation and execution.

Massachusetts high-asset divorce: some singular considerations

When looked at from a macro perspective, divorce can often be seen as having commonly recurring features. As we note on our family law website at the Law Offices of Lisa A. Ruggieri, P.C., "[A]ll divorces have the same basic elements involved."

There is certainly a caveat to that truism, though, which is especially applicable to one particular type of divorce, namely, a dissolution centrally marked by property division involving significant assets.

Getting a prenup? Know the contract's limits.

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a post about marital contracts. More specifically, we talked about prenuptial agreements. Prenups are valuable contracts that can help many couples address some critical issues in marriage and divorce. Financial considerations can be made, as well as provisions that help protect your family business and your estate plan.

However, the prenuptial agreement has a couple of stigmas attached to it. First, many consider it to be an anti-love contract that is actually a predictor of divorce. This simply isn't true. Prenups are merely documents that plan for a divorce should one happen. Prenups don't predict divorce. Second, many think that a prenup, once signed, is legally impregnable and that there is no recourse for them if the prenup is unfair.

Parents: You can craft an exemplary Massachusetts parenting plan

Divorcing parties in Massachusetts often sweat the details, understandably, and of course experience attendant stresses that often define the divorce process in a given case.

For example, financial considerations might spell a front-and-center concern (they often do), necessitating a close focus on asset identification, valuation and equitable property division. Child support is a focal point in many Massachusetts divorces, as is spousal maintenance.

Marriage and a family business: the utility of a marital contract

One point made by a commentator in a recent family law article is certainly arguable, namely, that the baby boomer demographic has largely viewed marriage "through rose-colored glasses."

In fact, reams of statistical evidence don't support that. Instead, they show boomers bucking the trend in that they divorce at a higher rate than any other group.

What is a QDRO, and might it be important in my divorce?

Here's a quick twofold response to the above-posed headline query: A QDRO is, in its long-form appellation, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order and, yes, it can become a focal point in many divorces.

"If you have a retirement account and you're facing a divorce, you may become quite familiar with this acronym," notes an online examination of a QDRO and what it essentially entails.

Insurance issues can loom large in divorce negotiations, outcome

Risk is so closely aligned with life on planet Earth that many people simply take it for granted. In many areas across the globe, individuals and families just assume the many risks that centrally feature in life, not taking any proactive steps to minimize or avoid them.

Of course, that is hardly the case for many millions of Americans, with risk often being explicitly acknowledged across the United States in all its perceivable forms and protected against to the fullest extent possible.

You're worried: Must your post-divorce lifestyle change?

Whether in the midst of a divorce or prior to commencing one, you're understandably concerned about many things.

Where children are involved, you of course dwell on their well-being, the financial and emotional support they will continue to need and their continued connectivity to things they know and love.

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