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How do you see what child support you received in Massachusetts?

Knowing the amount of child support coming into your bank account is important if you're the sole or primary custodian of your child. If you're entitled to $300, you want to know that you've received all of that money, since your child's other parent should be providing some compensation to care for your child.

To determine if you've been receiving the child support you're entitled to, you need to do a little math. You are probably receiving child support checks for different amount each week, and that can be difficult to track. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue offers a calculation worksheet, or you can compare the amount you've been ordered to receive by the court by the amounts showing up via check or direct deposit.

Divorces in Massachusetts: How much will you spend?

How much does a divorce really cost? There are several factors, but reports have indicated that the generally accepted average is between $15,000 and $20,000. Essentially, you'll be paying as much as you did to get married to divorce; maybe even more.

There are some options out there that are cheaper, but of course, those rely on your good relationship with your ex. For instance, there are places that tote a $299 divorce, but in those cases, you'd have to already know the terms of your divorce and only need a lawyer to sign off on them. That's highly unlikely, which is why it's simply not practical and not the norm.

Duchovny and Leoni split finalized; Leoni gains spousal support

If you're interested in celebrity news, then you might have heard about the finalization of the divorce of David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. An Aug. 9 report stated that the pair officially split up around three years ago, but Duchovny only filed for divorce in June 2014. Now, that divorce has been finalized in the courts, leaving the two to go their separate ways.

The couple has two children that they've had to provide for in their marriage and now through their divorce. They will allegedly share joint legal custody, but Leoni will be the primary custodian of the children; this could be due to Duchovny's addictive past or due to his workload on "Californication."

People risk fraud to help others avoid child support

A very strange new industry, one that runs the risk of bringing about fraud charges, has sprung up on the Internet. People are using popular garage sale websites and auction sites to put up listings to sell off lottery tickets that have proven to be losers. One man from Massachusetts even advertised --complete with a photo for proof -- that he had two entire boxes of these losing tickets. They appear to be scratch off tickets.

Those who buy these tickets can then use them if they want to write off lottery losses. These losses can then be represented as their own, and it can help them if they want to pay less than they should in child support. The buyers are typically lottery winners who want to balance out what they have won with a lot of fake losses so that not as much can be claimed if they owe back child support or debts for other types of things.

Family law: Adult children matter in late-life divorces

Divorce can be hard on families, but have you considered how it affects children who are now adults? This news report about family law from July 30 talks about how, despite being grown and out of the home, adults can feel the strain of their parents' divorces as well.

In the United States, up to 50 percent of marriages fail. Half of all the children will have to go through that before they are 18, the news states, but just because you turn 18 doesn't mean you no longer have to deal with divorce. Now, older couples are divorcing more often than in the past and children who are now adults are being involved in the split in a different way.

Social media helps locate non-payers of child support

Here's something interesting to think about if you're going through divorce or struggling to get child support from your ex in Massachusetts. Social media is a great way to stay connected, but social media can also be used in court.

According to a story from July 17, one mother reported that she has received only $189 in child support in over three years from her child's father. This is despite the fact that the child is suffering from leukemia.

Mother and 3 sons subjects of Amber alert in Maine, Massachusetts

A mother involved in a child custody dispute now has to go through a competency exam after failing to return her children on time. The July 16 report claims that the woman and her children were the subjects of an Amber alert after she took her children to Maine in violation of her custody agreement.

After allegedly stalking her children, she was arrested. The woman has now had to appear in the Superior Court in Rockville, and she will have to take a competency evaluation. That evaluation was requested by her lawyer.

The online side of a divorce in Massachusetts

Before sites like Facebook showed up and connected everyone, some people thought that divorce was not quite so hard. People would take down the wedding photos that they had around the house, and all evidence of that marriage could easily be gone. These days, things are much more complicated.

One man who got divorce recounted how hard it had been for him to decide what to do with the pictures that he had on his Facebook page with him and his wife. He thought that he needed to get rid of them so that he could forget her, heal and move on. Some friends told him just to leave it alone. He debated it for a while and ended up drinking a bottle of whiskey while trying to sort through all of his online photos and delete the ones that he could.

Murray and Jewel divorce following close to 6 years of marriage

It's likely that you've heard about the country singer Jewel in Massachusetts, or perhaps you've heard about her soon-to-be ex-husband who is known for his rodeo career. They have been together for 16 years, close to six of which have been while they've been married. They are now reportedly getting a divorce, hoping to find greater happiness outside their relationship.

According to Jewel, 40, she and her husband would like to continue raising their son as partners. Their child will be 3 in July. They are reportedly committed to raising their child together as friends. She claims they hold each other in high esteem and believe they will be able to grow from their separation.

There has been no real news on why the couple has decided to split up, but Jewel claimed that it was because the relationship had stifled them, stopping them from growing anymore as people. Since they felt that they could be happier apart, divorce was the only answer that made sense.

Pets: Property or people in Massachusetts?

Here's an interesting thought that you may not have considered having to face in your Massachusetts divorce: Your dog. Did you know that your dog will not be treated as a child or person but instead as a piece of property to be divided just like a home or vehicle? This article from June 20 discusses how to handle your pet in a family law court.

It's become more common for people to fight over their pets during a divorce; Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, for instance, have three dogs that Griffith wants custody of. Because of the amount of money people spend on their pets, the idea that obtaining custody of a pet may be costly is no laughing matter. The law sees a pet as a "thing," so if you want to keep your pet, you might have to give up another asset to "pay" for the right to have your pet.

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